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tom stone was born on a train outside of mexico city traveling to puerto angel, oaxaca. his parents separated soon after his birth. he spent his early childhood with his mother communally in los angeles' famed source family; and after its dispersion, in various nomadic settings in hawaii and california. 

a graduate of harvard university with a degree in computer science, he worked in silicon valley for a number of years in investment banking and in the technology industry. 

he is an artist known for his deeply emotional iconic images. he explores the divide between power and prostration; the broken things in the wake of exercised authority, control and influence. this motivates his humanitarian photography as well as his commercial and entertainment work.  

he has exhibited work in los angeles, san francisco, miami, and freiburg, germany. he has been published extensively. 

his art shares tradition with the work of dorothea lange, richard avedon, diane arbus and sebastião salgado.